safariweb news2November 2012 sees the start of our next long distance event in South Africa. A drive of three weeks through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana for Classic cars and 4×4’s.
For those who are interested in competition sections there will be one or two a day, but if you prefer a gentle drive, there is the Safari class, which just visits the important controls. Due to the nature of the countries we are passing through, and the limited high quality accommodation available, there are a strictly limited number of start places. Full

The three week event will take you through the territories of the “Big Five” game animals as well as five unmissable highlights.
You cross the immense sand dunes of the Kalahari desert.
You visit Victoria Falls on the border of Botswana.
You follow the Garden route along the beautiful coast of South Africa.
You visit the wineries, near Stellenbosch.
And best of all, you drive in your own car through one of the best Game Reserves to meet up with the other Big Five.

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